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5 Ways Stop Dog Barking

5 Ways Stop Dog Barking – How to stop a dog from barking

5 Ways Stop Dog Barking :: How to stop a dog from barking in 5 easy steps at
You must find ways stop dog barking or your Dachshund can turn into an annoying nuisance, instead of the enjoyable pet you want. We all know doxies love to bark!

Dogs are man’s best friends as companions as well as protectors. One of the best protection assets is the ability to alert by barking. This is appropriate when a dog is for home defense purposes but when you have a dachshund pet, you want to know how to stop a dog from barking. Now.

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Excessive barking is irritating and some dog owners can go as far as getting rid of the dog out of ignorance. There are good ways stop dog barking. Simply follow the 5 steps below.

#1 How to Stop a Dog from Barking – Avoid the stimuli

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, such as: Strangers, other dogs, passing cars, knock on the door, even to get attention. You name it, so how stop dog barking? First choice is to avoid the stimuli (the cause) that starts your dog barking. Obviously this isn’t always possible, so keep reading.

#2 Ways Stop Dog Barking – Reduce excitement level

Sometimes your dog will bark out of excitement of anticipation. Deny this excitement. For example, if your dachshund barks when you approach his leash because he’s so excited to go outdoors, then do not pick up the leash. Sit until the barking stops. If he barks again when you approach, sit again. Do this over and over until the dog gets the idea.

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If he barks at strangers at the door, close the door and take him to his pen or mat. Reward him for sitting on the mat. If you open the door again and he barks, move the mat and take away the reward. This method works but requires a lot of patience as you have to treat for every source of excitement.

Dogs will also bark to demand attention. Deny the dog attention while he is barking and go to him when he is quiet. Don’t shout at him while he barks as he’ll get caught up in the excitement of your loud voice. I’ve even heard it said, that when you shout, the dog thinks you’re barking back.

#3 How to Stop a Dog from Barking – Stay calm and in command

As you know by now, dogs are pack animals, which means they follow the strongest animal be it man/woman (that’s YOU!) or another dog. They will mirror the behavior of the pack leader. Yelling “Hush up” at a barking dog only gets him more excited as he responds to your high energy.

Stay calm while you’re working with him on ways stop dog barking. Learn to project command. Teach the dog to respond to firmly sounded words like ‘quiet’ or ‘speak’ these two commands go very well. First teach the dog to bark on command. This can be done by saying speak and sticking a treat in his nose. Wait for the dog to bark and keep quiet. When he quiets give him the treat. Do this until he can bark on command.

Move on to the quiet command and repeat with the treat but remember to give the command while he is barking.

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#4 Ways Stop Dog Barking – Keep him active

Dogs often bark out of boredom and to release nervous energy. Keep the dog active and engaged while he is awake. Go for long walks or long playing periods. If indoors, get him playing toys. The more tired your dog is the better chances that he will just want to lie down and rest.

5 Ways Stop Dog Barking :: How to stop a dog from barking in 5 easy steps at can look for ways of making activities more fun and physically demanding for your dachshund. Walk uphill or at a faster clip. You’ve seen dog trainers using bikes or skate boards. I say leave this to the larger breed dogs. Dachshund’s legs are too short for that type of strenuous exercise.

You can also engage him mentally by playing obedience and herding games.

#5 How to Stop a Dog from Barking – Get professional help

Sometimes a dog will bark from anxiety or irritability brought on by a medical condition. Have a vet look at him and determine if he physically alright. Some dogs are just more aggressive than others and project this aggression by barking. If you try the methods above and nothing seems to work, I suggest you get more serious on how stop a dog from barking and get these (free) training videos which give you the visuals.