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How to Stop a Dog From Digging

Stop a Dog Digging – “How to stop a dog from digging” seems to be a biggie in the dog world.

How to Stop a Dog From Digging

How to stop a dog from digging is essential if your little dachshund tends to tear up your backyard. Or you might want to stop a dog digging before it becomes a bad habit.

There are several ways on how to stop a dog from digging. To decide on the appropriate course of action, it is important to know what is causing the digging in the first place so you can take appropriate action.

Excessive digging can be triggered by:
Need for entertainment
Searching for prey
Seeking attention
Seeking an escape route
As a way of comfort and protection

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When a dog is bored and idle, he often directs his energies to digging. This may happen if the dog is left alone for long periods without toys. Adolescent dogs are very likely to dig as their energy is at the peak. Some breeds (like dachshunds and terriers) are also natural diggers.

Dogs can also copy your actions in the garden. If you take to digging up soil they will try it too and find it fun.

To reduce digging for entertainment, get your dog lots of toys. Keep him exercised, to stop mischievous digging out of boredom.

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Stop a Dog DIGGING:: for PREY

You know a dog is digging for prey when you notice the digging is along the a particular path. This is likely the escape path of the varmint. If the digging is concentrated at the base of specific roots and shrubs, the dog was looking for a prey that feeds on that kind of vegetation.

To prevent this kind of digging, extend the fence a few more feet down to keep out the burrowers. If that’s too much of a hassle, try a yard guard.

Do not use toxic substances as dogs are apt to scavenge and could get poisoned in the process.


If you have limited attention with your dog and when you take him outdoors he starts digging, he is seeking attention. Any reaction from you is good enough for him. Do not reward this behavior by giving him attention at the moment. Distract him and motivate him by rewarding him for other appropriate behavior.

Stop a Dog DIGGING:: for COMFORT

Dogs will dig in the ground to shelter from bad weather if they have no shelter. This can be seen if the digging is against wall building, shady areas or water ponds. Avoid this kind of digging by having a dog house for when he’s outdoors.

Stop a Dog DIGGING:: to ESCAPE

This is shown when the digging is along and under the fence. A dog may try to escape from boredom, hunger, and when he feels in danger and is distressed. To stop a dog digging to escape, ensure the fence is buried well and extends to 2 feet underground.

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Place large rocks along the fence and place chicken wire on the ground to make walking along the fence uncomfortable. Try to bond with the dog more and put him at ease. Also remember to feed him properly at regular intervals.

More ideas on how to stop a dog from digging

How to Stop a Dog From Digging - Don't let your dog dig up your backyard. Easy dog training method on how to stop dog digging at* Mix the soil he dug up with his poop and then return to the hole. This takes a fair amount of work, going around to the different holes, but I’ve heard it has great results. *Confine your dog when you are away. This ensures he is outdoors only when you around to supervise. BTW, You should never leave your dog outdoors unsupervised anyway.

* Here’s a crazy one! Bury balloons at favorite digging spots. When they blow up, they startle the dog and he will gradually begin to get tired of surprises and stop digging.

*Avoid throwing your dog old bones. Dogs have a natural instinct to store away food for another meal. This makes him dig to bury bones.

Stop dog digging by identifying what his needs are and responding to them.