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How to Stop a Dog Chewing

How to Stop a Dog Chewing In 3 easy steps

How to Stop Dog Chewing in 3 easy steps. No more destroyed shoes with these simple "Stop Dog from Chewing" steps at

How to stop a dog chewing is super important if you want to live in harmony with your dachshund. There’s nothing like having your favorite shoes destroyed to put “stop dog from chewing” at the forefront of your dog training.

When you’re thinking about how to stop a dog from chewing, you want to remember this: Chewing is a normal and natural behavior for puppies and dogs alike. They aren’t trying to upset you. They’re just enjoying themselves.

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At the same time, you have to show them you’re the mom (or pack leader) and they are not. Just as a child looks to his/her parents for guidance, so does your dachshund.

Stop Dog From Chewing – STEP ONE

Direct your dog from inappropriate chewing objects to appropriate chewing objects.

To stop dog from chewing on inappropriate objects, it is important to establish what can be chewed and what cannot. Clothing, shoes, books, remote controls and even your own hands, legs, etc. should be kept away from the dog as much as possible. If found chewing on these objects take them away and redirect to an appropriate object in place and encourage playing with it.

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Appropriate objects to chew on include greenies, nylabones and dental chewing sticks which can be chewed on safely while promoting dental health. BTW, ensure that the toys do not resemble items such as clothing or shoes, so you don’t confuse your dog.

Try to give your puppy soft toys that she can get her teeth into, as well as the hard plastic ones.

Get creative. A wet towel can be just as much fun as an expensive toy.

It’s nice to rotate your dog’s toys so he doesn’t get bored with the same ones.

Important Safety Note:

I highly recommend you do not give your dog bones to chew on from your kitchen. They easily splinter (even when you think they won’t) or break down into small pieces which can choke your dog or puncture the intestinal tract.

Do not, DO NOT give your dog a rawhide bone to chew on. We literally had a dog die from these bones. He liked to chew his bones while lying on his back, and one day the stupid thing slid down his throat and choked him to death. My husband was there but couldn’t save him. It was the awfullest thing for our poor puppy, and my husband!

Stop Dog From Chewing – STEP TWO

Prevention is the best way to stop dog from chewing.

You do this by either avoiding leaving shoes and other items (children toys, shoes, remote controls) around on the floor OR by crate training your dog

When you crate train, you won’t have to worry about chewing inappropriate items because he’ll be in hs confined area, with appropriate toys, when you’re not around. This also solves the problem if he loves to chew furniture I mean it’s not like you can put away the sofa while you’re gone!

Do one of the above to help avoid unnecessary temptation.

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Stop Dog From Chewing – STEP THREE

Be gentle. Stay calm. Don’t yell or raise your voice.

Shouting at your puppy and freaking out will not teach him a darn thing!

Do not speak, touch or look at your puppy. This will only reinforce the behavior you’re trying to stop. Instead, stay calm and use low energy as you redirect him to an appropriate chewing object.
How to Stop Dog Chewing in 3 easy steps. No more destroyed shoes with these simple "Stop Dog from Chewing" steps at

How to Stop Dog Chewing – even when you’ve tried everything BONUS

You shouldn’t have any trouble with chewing by following the three simple “How to Stop Dog Chewing” steps I’ve outlined. However, if you have a particularly stubborn pooch, you can always include using a chew repellent.

Taste repellents are foul tasting substances that can help stop dog from chewing. You can go with bitter cider apple or a natural tea oil (which has five star reviews, btw) that’s safe for the whole house.