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How to House Train Puppy

How to house train puppy- Even when you don’t have time

How to House Train Puppy
How to house train puppy can be frustrating, especially if you have a dachshund. They are notoriously difficult to house train puppy, so you want to be diligent about about this.

Puppies can be fun and cute, but can also drive you crazy when they mess around the house. Many puppy owners try house training with mixed results. There are basic things to get right to house train puppy. Intervals, feeding, and routine are some of the basics, and they’re easy to do, even if you have a hectic schedule.

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Puppies are ready for house training from when they are 6 weeks to 12 weeks. It can take 4-6 months to fully house train your puppy. This calls for patience and consistency.

1) How to house train puppy :: Have regular feeding times

You will need to feed the puppy 3 or 4 times a day. Elimination will be just as regular as the feeding. This means you can have a rough idea of the elimination time and plan for it. At night, be sure to take away the feeding dish about two and half hour before bedtime. This will avoid the need to go during the night. In the event that the puppy needs to go at night, keep the lights low and don’t make a lot of noise to avoid the puppy getting playful. Have him eliminate and back to bed.

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2) How to house train puppy :: Establish potty routine

Having a routine in feeding, playing, going to potty is important as the puppy will be conditioned to the routine. Puppies can hold their bowels for about two hours. Beyond this, he is going to mess. Have the puppy go to potty at two hour intervals from play, feeding and drinking. This will train the bladder to empty at 2 hour intervals.

Other ways of establishing routine are:

  • Have your puppy eliminate immediately upon waking up
  • Take him to his potty spot within minutes of eating/drinking.
  • Take him outside every time he approaches the door.

House Train Puppy Outdoors
Unless you live in a high-rise, it is always best to potty train puppy to go outside. This will reduce your need to keep cleaning up indoors. Pick a particular spot and have the puppy get used to eliminating there. When he is eliminating, use a phrase like ‘potty’ or ‘go’ to make the puppy identify what he is doing. Reward him for eliminating at that spot after he has finished. Puppies are easily distracted and could stop eliminating to chase after a plaything. Pick a quiet spot without much traffic of other pets.

House Train Puppy Indoors
If you live in a high-rise apartment where you cannot get outdoors quickly, choose a space like a bathroom or a crate for housetraining. This confined area can be covered with old newspapers. The puppy will start by going all over the confined space but then have a preferred area. Reduce the papering leaving only that area covered. After you are sure that he is conditioned to pee on newspapers, you are free to move them around the house.

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3) How to house train puppy :: Caught in the act

Unfortunately, accidents do and will occur. Don’t yell or put his nose in it. This will only confuse him and make him fearful. When you catch your puppy in the act:

  • Interrupt him by startling but not scaring. You can say a phrase like ’potty.’
  • Take him to the spot you picked and have him eliminate there. Reward him when he finishes at the chosen spot
  • If the accident is already done, clean up thoroughly. Puppies like coming back to places they have eliminated before so if he detects an odor, he is apt to go near the same place. Use an effective cleaning agent to eliminate the smell. If you’re worried you already have urine in your carpet that you can’t see, then you’ll want this product.

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3) How to house train puppy :: When you are away

Put him in a confined area such as a crate!

To avoid finding your house in a large mess when you get back, you could resort to a doggy daycare, but why? Unless you’re gone for frequent long periods of time, your best bet is a crate where he’s safe and secure in his own home.

Remember that your best answer to how to house train puppy is to be patient and consistent.